Autoimmune Diseases

autoimmunediseasesAutoimmune Diseases – what is it and how to treat it?

Humans are multicellular organisms and thus our body structure is very complex. Our body has many organs and system which ensure the proper functioning of the body and keep us alive. You all know about the immune system and about its functions. This system is the protector of our body and does all the work in order to get rid of the intruder. But there are many diseases related to our immune system and one of them is autoimmune diseases. I know this term is new to many people and because of this information is provided in this content.

What are autoimmune diseases?

Autoimmune disease is related to the immune system of our body. It is kind of reaction in which immune system attack on the tissue of the own body. The immune system consists of antibodies which become active when an intruder enters in our body like a virus or any kind of infection but in an autoimmune disorder , these antibodies attack the healthy tissues of one’s body. In this way, one’s healthy tissues get injured and body gets harmed.

Which parts of the body are affected by this disease?

Well, it affects almost each and every part of the body like nerve system, brain, lungs, kidney, joints, skin, muscles etc.  Talking about its signs then it can be a normal pain or soreness in any body part. Also, if you suffer from swelling without any reason then it might be the sign of an autoimmune disorder. Also, one should feel these sign in the body parts which are affected by this disease like you get pain in the joints if the diseases affect your joints.

This disease even affects the skin as one will get skin related problems like acne, vitiligo, eczema etc. Besides this, one will get rashes, or change in skin color also. Besides this, this disease often leads to another disease like diabetes and often leads to organ failures are thyroid problems. In small words, it can lead to many problems in the body and in some cases it is life threatening.

What are the causes of this disease?

Autoimmune disease is not a common thing as very less number of people is affected by it. Besides this, here are the causes of it:


  • Genetics is the main cause of this disease as it is discovered by the scientist that it passes through the ancestors to their off-spring. In this case, it is very hard to avoid it and there are always chances that it will run in the family for long.
  • Virus and bacteria are another reason for this disease. Also, this can be the side effect of any drug like birth control pills or Accutane.
  • Chemical irritations and environmental factors also lead this disease.

Taking about the treatment, then it is not curable but can be controlled with a balanced diet and good lifestyle. If someone will diagnose with this disease then there are ways through which they can keep it in control plus medical professional will help you in this.



Viral Diseases

About viral diseases and how to prevent yourself from them?

People get sick and it is a very common thing nowadays because of the modern lifestyle and so much of pollution. Besides this, the food we eat is also contaminated with fertilizers and thus we do not get anything organic and safe. In small words, the food we eat, our surroundings and latest technology have a great impact on our health and because of this people get sick more. A viral disease like cold, flu etc is very common and many people suffer from it. So, before getting into it, let’s know about these diseases first.


About viral diseases

Viral disease referred to those diseases which are caused by a virus and thus known as viral diseases. Viruses are of many types and thus lead to various viral diseases. While some diseases are very common and not very harmful like cold or fever but some is life threatening like HIV. People who have weak immune system are more likely to suffer from such diseases. Our immune system is the gaudy of our body and save our body from foreign intruders. Whenever any foreign thing enters in our body, our body immune system get activate and fight with it to protect us from any kind of infection.

Also, there is no cure for viral diseases as they are caused by a virus and they get out of our body after a determined cycle but yes one can control it and prevent themselves from such viruses. HIV is caused by a virus named Human immunodeficiency virus which attacks our immune system and it will lose its capacity to protect our body. So, when our body is not able to fight with the foreign intruders, one get sick and recovery becomes nearly impossible. As said before it is caused by virus and disease caused by a virus are not cured and thus HIV is incurable diseases.

But with the medicines, HIV can be controlled to some extent but the patient has to take care of them and keep their surroundings clean and tidy. So, that they are not get infected by any virus or get any disease or get sick.

About the prevention of viral diseases

You have heard the quote ‘prevention is better than cure’ and it is 100% true. It is always better to protect yourself from such things rather than taking medicine or going to a hospital. Here are some tips which help you to stay away from them:

  • Keep your surroundings clean all the time. Dirty places are a home of viruses and harmful bacteria which leads to many diseases. Also, avoid eating outside and preferring the food of home rather than going outside for lunch or dinner.
  • In countries like India, there is the lack of sanitation facility which in return leads to much health issue. This problem is most common in villages and thus having a proper sanitation facility is important and one should have a toilet in their houses.
  • Considered a regular checkup routine in order to know about your body condition and about the strength of your body.

At last, eat healthily and follow a good exercise regime to keep your body healthy and fit. Follow the above tips and be a healthy person in life.

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